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Forever in Our Hearts

Rescued: July 4, 2015 (approx 7-8 years old)

Died: July 20, 2022 (approx 14-15 years old)


Bruiser joined our family on July 4, 2015. Everything was meant to be. When two other officers couldn't respond to Bruiser's case, George responded from four towns away and fell in love with Bruiser the minute he saw him.


We had no idea the impact this special boy would have on our lives and in our hearts. He truly was a special cat and touched the lives of thousands of people around the world with his adorable little face, scratchy meow, calm temperament, and message about special needs cats and loving one another despite our differences.

He was already missing both ears when he joined our family and had to undergo surgery to remove one eye and repair the other. Over the past seven years he battled one health problem after another, including FIV, diabetes, stomatitis, hyperesthesia syndrome, heart disease, A-FIB, blood clots, kidney failure, and most recently a tumor on his leg.


Through it all, his mom was extremely diligent in checking his blood sugar, administering his medication, injecting his insulin, feeding him the healthiest diet, making numerous trips to the vet, and most of all providing the continuous care, comfort, and abundant love that he deserved.


Despite his overall poor prognosis, he always appeared content and comfortable. He took his meds like a champ, he followed his family members around the house, he enjoyed supervised walks in the yard and sitting on mom's hip everywhere she went. He loved to sit on the couch next to his dad and get treats. He traveled with his mom almost every weekend to meet children and their families after his book was published. He loved car rides and made appearances at pet expos, libraries, schools, book festivals, author fairs, and churches. He also took road trips between New Jersey and South Carolina to visit family members. He received numerous gifts and treats from fans, and countless messages of love have been sent to his social media accounts.


He fought a long battle, and we always said that when the day came that we knew without a doubt that his fight was over, we would do the right thing. That day was July 20th. There was definitely something wrong, and our vet confirmed that he had a urinary blockage. The only way to fix it was surgery. This was not an option as his heart was not strong enough for anesthesia. But doing nothing was also not an option because his enlarged bladder could rupture at any moment. He did not deserve to suffer that kind of death. So mom, dad, and Dr. Boden sat with him in the grass under a shady tree as the sun was setting. He sniffed the fresh air, smelled the clover, and purred, then fell into a peaceful sleep with Dr. Boden's assistance. We are forever grateful for her and her staff for all the care and kindness they have provided over the years.


Bruiser is survived by his human family and friends, his fur family: cats Weasley, Abbie, Max, Squirrel, Nala, Pepper, Cali, Graybee, Cookie Dough; and dog Jack. He is reunited now with Molly and Chloe, his Golden Retriever buddies who we also miss so much. Bruiser, you will forever be the most special cat and we will miss you more than words can describe. Our hearts are shattered, but we have peace knowing that you will no longer suffer from any more adversity. Run free sweet boy. We love you.

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