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My Story

On July 4, 2015, I was doing the stray cat strut. I got into a little scuffle with another cat, and a neighborhood lady tried to break us up. She called Animal Control and claimed that I bit her, but I only have a few teeth and they're broken! The other cat ran off (I think he was the one who bit her), and I was soon on my way to the shelter. Lucky for me, I'm adorable and the ACO decided to take me to his house instead. His wife, Barbara, agreed that I deserved a second chance, so she set up a GoFundMe campaign and raised enough money for me to see a vet.


During my first few trips to the vet, I got a much needed bath and an overall health assessment. I was also treated for fleas and received antibiotics for a severe double ear infection and eye infection. Later, I was neutered and while under the anesthesia, I also got a dental exam and cleaning. The vet determined that I was blind in one eye and had a terrible case of cellulitis (which is why my cheeks used to look so puffy). I have four broken canine teeth, I'm lame in one leg, FIV positive, and diabetic. Also, in case you haven't noticed, I have no ears! Although I can't remember what happened to them, the vet said it's possibly due to severe infection, abuse, or fire.


To treat the diabetes, George and Barbara gave me insulin injections every 12 hours. They also started me on a good quality diet. Over the next few months, my blood sugar decreased to a safe and stable level. By late fall of 2015, I no longer needed insulin injections.


George and Barbara were trying to find a fur-ever home for me, but no one was able to take me in, mostly due to the level of care I required. So my fate was determined - I would stay with George and Barbara. Due to the FIV, they had to keep me separated from their other cats, so they created a comfy area for me in their garage. It broke their hearts that I was alone out there, so Gibby (aka grandma), who lived with them, agreed to share her bedroom. This was a huge blessing since it was now winter and the garage was getting cold.

Once I adjusted to my new surroundings, I visited the vet again for another checkup. During this visit, the vet said that I had entropion, so they did extensive bloodwork and scheduled surgery. Another GoFundMe campaign was successful in raising the money needed for this operation. The vet was pleased with the blood test results, and on January 21, 2016, I underwent surgery on both eyes. My bad eye was cleaned out and closed, and the entropion was corrected on my good eye. I no longer endure the constant irritation caused by the inverted bottom eyelid scratching my cornea.


In February 2016, glucosomine was added to my diet for treatment of possible arthritis. This has greatly improved my mobility, and I can now put weight on my front leg, although I still limp a little.


In August 2020, I was diagnosed with severe Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (RCM) and we thought I would not be around much longer, but Pimobendan has helped me a lot. I am also diabetic again and I'm on a strict regimen of medication to keep me comfortable.

In May 2022, we learned that the RCM has worsened. However, I am not in any distress at this time. I am loved and spoiled by all who have met me. I am living my best life. I hope you love me too!

In July 2022, I took a turn for the worst so my family helped me cross the Rainbow Bridge. Please don't be sad. I was cared for and loved immensely right up to the very end. I am at peace now and playing with all the other kitties that have passed before me.

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